Why are Feathers & Fur important in our Dog’s Diet?

Fiber is a very important part of your dog’s raw diet.   Alot of literature tells us that the bone they eat is a significant enough source of fiber in their diet.  While bone is a good source of fiber it is not the only type of fiber our dogs need.

“Fur and Feathers” are a very important source of fiber that our dogsdigestive systems are in need of.  In the wild wolves, coyotes and fox all eat fur and feathers as a regular part of their diet. It would not be an exaggeration to say they eat it every day.

The question that is most important is, “Why are feather and furs such an important fiber in our dogs diet”?

Feather and fur are an essential source of fiber to maintain good digestive function and are a natural way to prevent leaky gut.  We hear a lot about dogs having leaky gut.  If their digestive system is working properly they would not suffer from this ailment.

So, what exactly do feathers and fur do for a dogs digestive system?

1.  They act as a cleansing agent.  Feathers and fur act as the RotoRooter of the digestive system.  It clears out the build up on the digestive track lining that can occur over time.  Without fiber it is like eating only processed foods.  The build up on the gut lining can harbor fungi and bacteria and be an attractive environment for gut yeast

 2.  When the digestive system is ‘clean’ it can better absorb the nutrients in the diet.

 3.  Because so much of the immune system is directly impacted by gut health it is important to keep the digestive system clean so that it can                tter fight any intruders it may encounter.

4.  Because the fiber in feathers and fur act like a brush in the digestive track it also helps prevent parasites/worms.  The fiber cleans out the worms/parasites/eggs in the digestive track before they become a problem.

5.  Feathers and fur also act as a natural teeth cleaner.  They scrub the teeth as they are chewed and act a a natural floss while the feather and furs and rubbing between the teeth while being chewed.

6.  The fiber will also help to naturally express the anal glands as the poop passes though. The fiber creates a more voluminous poop which naturally expresses the anal glands while passing.

There really is not any nutritional value to feather and furs but the benefits of the natural fiber are outstanding and and integral part of keeping your dogs digestive system healthy.  Mother Nature has all the answers if we take the time to understand the reason for everything in nature.  Wolves, coyotes and fox don’t eat twigs but they do eat feather and fur…..they instinctively know what they need.  Our dogs are dependent upon us to provide them hat they need.  If we do most of the time they will utilize it the way Mother Nature intended.

So, what are the options we have for fiber if we are not feeding a whole prey diet?  Rabbit ears, quail heads, pig ears with fur, elk velvet strips, and anything else we can find in its natural state.

I am continuing the search for more options…..stay tuned!