Testimonial #1

Shortly after rescuing our dog, Andy, we visited a local holistic vet to address our concerns about his lethargy, itchy skin and overall health. The doctor recommended we work with Stacy Schrofer to get Andy eating clean on a raw diet. This was the first step in our approach to treating him holistically. Because we were a meat-free home we were hesitant at first, but after some informative conversations with Stacy and taking her Feeding Raw 101 class, we were convinced that a raw diet was the best option for our dog.

 We have no regrets. Within a few weeks Andy’s energy level doubled. His eyes brightened and he became alert and began engaging with us versus sleeping on the couch for hours on end. He went through a detox on his new diet and throughout that period he had weeping eyes, heavy wax in his ears and yeasty skin. Stacy was there through the entire process to answer questions and troubleshoot issues, such as recommending a natural topical spray to manage the yeast.

 Choosing a raw food diet has been a learning experience and Stacy has been there for us every step of the way. At Mama Schrof’s, not only do we get a variety of fresh, non-certified organic raw meats and treats sourced from family farms with whom Stacy has relationships, but we get a personal raw food consultant, too. She devotes so much time and attention to our questions and concerns, it feels like we’re her only customer.

 Rose Biancini & Eric Hammang

Testimonial #2

I was introduced to Stacy at Mama Schrof’s approximately 3 months ago. Since that time my 4 year old german shepherd, Harrison, has become a happy, alert and healthy dog. When we met Stacy, Harrison was at his worst. He had no energy, his paws and ears were raging with yeast infections, he had severe GI issues and it was a battle getting him to eat. Harrison had been weaned on a raw diet as a pup so he was familiar with the diet. I had been feeding him denatured meat for roughly 3 and a half years. We had been back and forth with the vet in one horrible vicious cycle of antibiotics, probiotics and more antibiotics. This continued for almost 2 years until I met Stacy.

As any person would be, I was skeptical of switching distributors. I always thought all meat was basically the same. I also thought that denatured meat was better than regular old dog food. Stacy proved this to be completely untrue.

I began by taking Stacy’s raw feeding class. I then purchased a few supplements. I got to know Stacy and quickly realized her passion and genuine concern for her clients and their pets. I began weaning out all denatured meat and using strictly her products. She recommended a regimen of supplements to help with all of Harrison’s ailments.

Three and one-half months later I am beyond thrilled to announce that my baby is back!! All of Harrison’s GI issues have been resolved and his yeast infections are practically gone. His yeast infections will be lifelong but since meeting Stacy we now know how to treat them and manage them through his diet and supplements. He has not needed one single dose of antibiotics. He is happy, full of energy and smiling again. This process does take time and does not happen overnight but every ounce of improvement is like hitting a milestone. I am forever grateful for Stacy, her knowledge, love and compassion for her client’s and their pets.  Thank you Stacy!!

Nicole and Harrison