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Raw Feeding 101 Consultation


This is a one-on-one personal consultation for raw feeders.  It can be for beginners that want one-on-one assistance to get started or can be for the experienced raw feeder that needs a refresher or has specific issues they want addressed.  For the beginner we can cover transitioning to raw feeding or the person that is new to raw feeding and wants to make sure they are doing it correctly.   We will have handouts, meal plans, supplements handouts and recommendations of books to read for the beginner.  This is a per hour charge.

When ordering, order as many hours as you want me to block out.

Location: Shoreview, MN.

COST: $30.00/hour and is limited to 2 people from the same household.

If you schedule more than 1 hour pre-payment will be required and NO REFUNDS will be issued if you have to cancel.