“How to Feed a Hot Dog” – Shoreview, MN – 10/3/2015 @ 10:00 a.m.


This class focuses on the “Hot Dog” and how to manage their diet to alleviate and manage their symptoms.  We cover the different levels of Hot Dogs, how to provide a complete and balanced diet for a hot dog while eliminating hot proteins, the natural treatments for Hot Spots, how to supplement a Hot Dog and much, much more.

Handouts and Food Carts are provided.

The “Feeding Raw 101″ Class is a pre-requisite to this class unless you talk to me and I allow a waiver to this requirement.  I have found that taking the  the Raw Feeding 101 prior to this class really helps people get the most out of this class

NOTE:  Upon registering for this class you must send a check for the class made out to Mama Schrof’s in the amount of $49.00 for each attendee.  Upon receipt of the check you will be notified that your reservation is confirmed.  The address to send the check to will be on the invoice that is emailed to you immediately upon you completing your order.  The class sizes are limited and because of this refunds will not be issued.

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