Bone Broth

Goat Bone Broth


Goat Bone Broth — NATURE’S DAILY VITAMIN!  This is a very nutritious broth that dogs love.  Goat bones have been cooked for 8 hour in a pressure cooker. This broth has all the vitamin and minerals that the bones can offer.  I use this in place of a daily vitamin because it is filled with nutrients that are all natural.  Most daily vitamins that are available for dogs are synthetic vitamins……this is the real thing!  Available in approximately 1 lb containers.

May be special ordered in larger quantities with advance notice.


Place 3-6 lb bones in a pressure cooker. Put in a 1/4 cup of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  Fill with water. Cook for 8 hours.  Remove the bones and any cooked meat.  You have the option of chilling the broth and removing the fat OR packaging as is and including the fat in their diet.  Either way is fine depending on what your dogs individual caloric and fat needs are.  :-)  Goat is very fatty so I remove the fat.

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