Buck Mountain Parasite Dust 8 oz

Buck Mountain Parasite Dust 8oz.


This is an all natural Flea, Tick , Lice and other insect repellent.  The ingredients are Organic Yarrow, Organic Neem and Diatom Flour.  8 oz. container.  This is an excellent product as it only needs application every 2-3 weeks unless your dog gets wet.  If the dog gets wet, is in long wet grass, has a bath, goes swimming ,etc then reapplication is needed right away.  It is great to put on their beds too as sometimes ticks come in on their coats but when they lay on their bed this will kill them. If the dog is going into a highly weeded or forested area then I would apply weekly.

Application:  Sprinkle along spine and rub against the direction the fur grows to get it down to the skin.  Same application on sides and tummy as we alas legs.  Sprinkle on top of head and brush against the grain of the fur.  Put some in your hands and rub together and then rub on face avoiding eyes.

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