My love affair with dogs started at a very young age. My 1st birthday was celebrated with a gift from my grandparents named Duke, a Black Lab puppy. Since then there has only been a short period of time in my early twenties when my life was not shared with a four legged furry friend.

When my beloved boy, a Rottweiler named Duke (yes, another Duke), was taken from me two weeks shy of his sixth birthday due to an extremely rare form of cancer in the Pericardium Sac of the heart I had to know more.  Duke was a big, robust, healthy boy and I had always done everything the vets had told me to do; vaccinate, low protein kibble, heart worm preventative, etc.  So my journey into researching this cancer began.

What my research led me too left me ridden with guilt; I felt as if I had written my boy’s death  sentence. Research was beginning to show that Ivermectin was one of the leading suspects as to the cause of this cancer. The Heartworm Preventative I had been giving listed Ivermectin as the main active ingredient.

This research led me to read more about the anatomy of a dog, the digestive system and nutritional requirements of the canine. Low and behold everything that I had been led to believe was “the best” for my dogs was really “the worst”.

My next experience that led me further into a Holistic approach to caring for my dogs was when I adopted my Shitzu-Bichon, Molly. She was 2 1/2 and had been surrendered by her owner due to extreme allergies and vaccinosis (the results of vaccinating/over vaccinating).  They just could no longer deal with her constant itching, hair loss, and ear infections. When I adopted Molly she had no fur on her muzzle, her body was covered with sebaceous cysts that would rupture and leave open sores and her ears were so inflamed and infected they were almost swollen shut. She came to me with a ziploc bag full of prescription meds, prescription kibble and prescription shampoo. I brought this little girl home, took her off her meds and transitioned her to a completely raw diet. After approximately 6 months she had fur growing back on her muzzle and her body had healed and her ears were clear of infection. She hasn’t had a sebaceous cyst since that first 6 months, her fur grew completely back and she is cute as a button.

A dog’s digestive system is not meant to digest carbohydrates, grains, starches, etc. It is highly acidic and meant for a raw diet high in protein. Dogs are carnivores. Raw meat and bones are what their digestive system is equipped to digest. Their teeth are designed for tearing raw meaty bones, not chewing dry kibble. Their stomach has an acidic level meant for dissolving raw bones.

The newest love of my life is a Rottweiler named Ruger. He was weaned onto a raw food diet and when I brought him home at 9.5 weeks he went right onto a diet of raw chicken necks, duck necks and muscle meats. He was the runt out of a litter of 5 and now my “little” boy is 120 lbs of muscle, health and happiness!

The benefits of a healthy, nutritious, well balanced raw diet cannot be overstated! My passion is to help people understand the benefits of a raw food diet and aid them in learning how to feed it – helping people help their dogs!

Mama Schrof