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Oral Health in Dogs & Cats

When we talk about our dogs/cats oral health we tend to assume or immediately think of their teeth.  Oral Health also encompasses their gums and tissues.  In fact their gum and tissues, in some instances, may be more important as they can lead to tooth issues if not cared for. First we will discuss chewing.  […]

Why are Feathers & Fur important in our Dog’s Diet?

Fiber is a very important part of your dog’s raw diet.   Alot of literature tells us that the bone they eat is a significant enough source of fiber in their diet.  While bone is a good source of fiber it is not the only type of fiber our dogs need. “Fur and Feathers” are a […]

Not All Holistic Vets are Created Equal

It goes without saying that we all want to do what is best for our four legged companions.  We want to provide the best diet, best training and best medical care.  For those of us that feed a Raw Diet we also are most likely to seek natural care and a Holistic Vet for our […]

Keeping your “Fur Kids” safe over the Holidays!

With the Holidays upon us our “Fur Kids” need to be safe!  We are all busy and our lives and schedules change over the Holidays due to shopping, traveling, baking, Christmas Parties and many other activities.  What doesn’t change is the fact that our “Fur Kids” are still in need of our attention and thoughtfulness. […]

All Raw Meats are NOT Created Equal – Part 1 of 2

I have been working on this Blog for months and I am certain it will raise many questions for people – and to be honest I want it to make you think about what you are actually feeding your dog as well as ask questions of yourselves and of your suppliers so that you become […]